Little Monkeys (ages 4 - 5)


Our Little Monkeys program is designed to introduce children to taekwondo in a fun and positive atmosphere. The goal of this class is to get children comfortable with the dojang and to learn basic martial arts etiquette.   We use a combination of fun games and drills to engage our students while learning basic martial arts skills. 

The Little Monkeys Program will: 

*Improve focus and concentration 

*Teach children to control their minds and bodies

*Teach discipline and to show respect for all 

*Teach stranger danger and self defence

*Improve balance and coordination 

*Build confidence and social skills 

*Improve physical fitness through exercise

All prospective students will be required to complete a trial class to assess student's readiness to participate in classes.  Trial classes will be posted 6 weeks prior to program start date.  

Please read our "determining student readiness", our cancellation and wait list policies for this program before registering.  

Little Dragons (ages 6-7)


The Little Dragons program is designed to teach kids the basic skills of Taekwondo. Our instructors have specialized training and understand the physical, emotional and social challenges for children of this age category. Our main focus is on developing gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and discipline through ​physical fitness.

The Little Dragons Program will:

*Improve focus and concentration

*Teach children to control their minds and bodies

*Teach discipline and to show respect for all

*Improve balance and coordination

*Build confidence and social skills

*Improve physical fitness through exercise

SPARRING GEAR IS MANDATORY FOR ALL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAMS AGE 6+.   Please read our school policy on mandatory sparring gear.  

Warriors (ages 8-11)


At Summit Martial Arts, we believe our students should have a well rounded martial arts education. As the children get a little older, our focus shifts to flexibility, speed, agility, and overall fitness. By the time children reach the early teenage years, they will be developing their reaction time, strength, precision and using their own momentum to perform some of the more dynamic Taekwondo kicking techniques. This is where things get exciting!

The Warriors program will:

​ *Improve focus and concentration 

*Improve agility to move with greater efficiency

*Give a more intense martial arts experience - learn exciting new skills

*Students will develop speed and strength through conditioning

​*Reaction time develops - both mentally and physically

​*Students will use their own momentum to become a more dynamic martial artist

*Students will learn to strike with precision - pinpoint your moves 

*Students will develop confidence in their abilities

* Students will be able to better resist negative peer pressure

You WILL see the difference in your child.

SPARRING GEAR IS MANDATORY FOR ALL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAMS AGE 6+.  Please read our school policy on mandatory sparring gear.  

Tween / Teen / Adult (ages 12 +)


Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo is the core curriculum taught in all our programs at Summit Martial Arts. The focus from white belt to black belt is developing the tools needed to be a great martial artist. This includes developing quick, explosive kicks, strikes and blocks. 

It is our goal to make students as well rounded as possible. When our students are ready to test for their black belt, they will know they have EARNED that belt.  Once a student reaches the rank of 1st dan black belt then the focus shifts from learning a high volume of techniques to really perfecting the techniques learned as a gup rank and learn how to effectively apply these techniques in a practical way.


Martial Arts Instructor Certification

By invitation only

Martial Arts Instructor Certification

We pride ourselves on having highly trained, qualified instructors.  The SMA Junior Instructor Training Certification Program (JIT for short) is a 6 month program designed to teach leadership, build self-confidence, develop teaching skills, inspire creativity and achievement and aid in the overall development of the student’s character so that these skills may be taken with them and applied in the real world and future vocations.


The JIT certification program is by invitation only

Students must be 13 years of age 

Students must be green belt level or above to participate

Students must exemplify the 5 tenets of Taekwondo and be of sound moral character

Student must exhibit self-discipline, respect and maturity at all times

Student must be enthusiastic and have a passion for martial arts and helping others

Student must be keen on working in the martial arts community and a team player

Student must be proficient in their current and previous curriculum and attend classes regularly

JIT Candidates will be required to complete an exam demonstrating their qualifications for certification at the end of the 6 month period.  JIT students will be required to complete continuing education to maintain their certification.

Please see Master or Mrs. Morris for more details on this exciting program.